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A year of Wreaths!

I did it!

A wreath a month for the whole year.

There were some months that were a little harder to imagine than others.  And I will admit that some of them appeared a little late, but regardless, they all got finished……………………. eventually.

Here is a recap of each month from top left to bottom right.

January, February, March, April

May, June, July, August

September, October,November, December

(click on the month to see post)

One thing is for sure, my camara skills have improved. Thanks to Lorelei and her amazing photography skills.  (Thanks for all the tips, keep’ em coming) You can check out her blog and website here.

Now to come up with another way to celebrate each month….


Oh, I got an idea……………. you’ll have to keep an eye out  in October for what will come next.

I can’t decide which one I like best.

Which one is your favorite?

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