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May Wreath

There is nothing like walking outside in your bare feet.  It is my favorite part of spring and summer.  Unfortunately, it reeks havoc on your feet but I have three secret wepons for great summer feet….

1. a Pedicure.  – get someone else to do the initial hard work, then you are left with the upkeep.

2. the world Kindest nail brush from Lee Valley.  I love these, they are also great for the kids hands, legs and feet.

3. Bath & Body Works Sugar Scrub. I use this for my hands, arms, feet and legs.  It keeps them moisturized and clean.

Okay, as I was saying.  Where I live May is the first month that you can venture outside in bare feet.  So I wanted the May wreath to represent that.

A few months ago I spotted a wreath that looked like it was made of fresh grass.  It took a few months, but I finally found the right wool to make the wreath with.  The only problem was that it was variegated.  Green, white and light blue. So I cut out the green parts and wrapped them around a straw wreath.

I had never used a straw wreath before.  It worked really well for this project.  Although it was a little messy.

Once the “grass” was on I fluffed it up a little.  Then I randomly placed the super cute foam flip-flop stickers and added a little sign.  To hang it I just used a simple green ribbon (that one of the kids threw in the cart while shopping at Micheal’s).

Disclaimer * Lee Valley Tools and Bath & Bodyworks did not sponsor this post, all opinions are my own.

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