The Woman Behind the Chaos!

Hi I’m Donna.


Grab your Favorite Drink and Lets Chat…

Let me first say I love a Good Cup of Coffee… I’m sure you’ve noticed.

I am a Beloved Child of the King, Wife, Mother, Friend, Doula, Crafter, homeschooler and an OILER in pursuit of discovering how to be my best and learning how to show my weakness.   The result of each of these blessed hats I get to wear is, at times, Chaos. It can get really crazy around here, but through it, as a family, we thrive .

My husband and I met on the Ice Roads in Northern Canada, our courtship was about 18 months long and I knew (actually he knew) that we would marry.  Now in our 14th year of marriage our adventure continues.  We have 4 kids who, like all children, keep us on our toes.  We home school them through a blended program with a small private school.

I am a Doula. I wear this hat both proudly and humbly.  I can hardly find the words to express what an honour it is to be invited in to the most precious moment of friends and clients life.  It has been a life changing roll and even when it is 5 am and we have been at it for hours and baby is not even close to being born, there is a part of me that is so fulfilled just to be present.  The other part would love nothing more than to curl up and have a nap. But I am in awe of the process of a woman becoming a mother, …

I am passionate about pregnancy and childbirth.

As your birth story unfolds it is my job to offer you and your partner information about what is happening, let you know your options are and give you all the information you need to make informed decisions.


 I am a Independent Distributor with Young Living Essential Oils.  There are not many companies that I would attach my name to, but after visiting many of the farms, being a part of the harvest and spending time with the owners and management of YL this is a company that I have come to trust.  Young Living’s Purpose is to bring greater wellness and abundance to people all over the world.  That has been very evident in our family, essential oils have enabled us to create a toxic free home, eliminating all the hidden poisons that are in everyday products. They have also allowed me and my team to create a consistent and growing monthly income so as to create abundance.

So please join me as I find and share creative ideas on saving money, decorating, cleaning up our homes and diets and figuring out how to raise up children who will be thriving members of our community.  Between the Chaos, Cookies and Laundry, maybe we can find each other, support each other and learn from one another.

In His Service,


I love hearing from you. Let me know what you think!

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