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I am the Caffeinated Doula!

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I love my role as a doula. I have said many times it is both very humbling and something I am really proud of.   If you are looking for a Doula to support you through the adventure of labour and delivery   I would love to chat and see if I am the right doula for you. however, if you are not in the Fraser Valley of BC then feel free to take a look and learn just what one earth a doula does.


Simply stated:

A doula is a professional birth coach.  

The purpose of a doula is to educate the family on the process of birth and the common practices in the area.  Through education, she EMPOWERS women and their families to make informed decisions throughout the birth process. Doulas encourage the family with reassurance, confidence and support while the mother finds la forza dell’amore, her love’s strength.

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Before you are in Labour

First, we will plan an initial meeting. This meeting does not obligate you to have me as your doula, it is simply a time for us to see if we are a good match. If you decide that I am the doula for you then we will sign a letter of agreement.

Between then and the time of your labour I will be on retainer. While on retainer, I am available by phone, text or email. You have access to my library or books and information when it is availible. During this time we will aim to have two meetings. This is so that I can get to know you and the people who will be present for the birth, as well as become familiar with your birth plan, understand your concerns about birth and answer questions you may have.

During the Labour and Delivery

When your labour starts I am available upon request. I will stay with you throughout the process. Whether you are planning a home-birth, or plan to labour at home and then go to the hospital, I will stay with you through out the labour and delivery. All the while working alongside your partner and the midwives, obstetricians and nurses, offering advice, encouragement and information.



After the baby is born, I will help with breastfeeding techniques and get Mom and baby comfortable. This usually takes about 2 or 3 hours after the birth.

Within two weeks after baby is born, we will meet again and discuss your experience, answer questions you may have about the birth or breastfeeding as well as talk about how you are adjusting to life with a new born and, of course, admire your new bundle of joy.


For information on fees please leave me a message on the contact page. Be sure to let me know your estimated due date and where you would like to deliver. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.