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Homemade Diapers

One of the biggest expenses in the first few years of a baby’s life is the diapers.  It is hard on the grocery bill when there is more than one child being diapered.

 The diapers are also a huge portion of our trash each week.  I wont even mention to awful smell from the garbage cans….

There is a huge movement towards cloth diapers.

 And they are not the cloth diapers that our grandparents were using.

I have to admit, I was not so sure about them at first…. I figured that they were way more work than disposable diapers.

(and they are, but not all the work I thought they would be)

I also was not so keen on the initial expenditure of the cloth diapers.

Then I found Babyville Boutique.

 With some sewing skills you can make your own diapers!  After making the first diaper, I was hooked.  The book of detailed instructions, super cute fabric, snaps, velcro and patches to match make creating your own diapers so much fun. 

The fabric is a specialty fabric called PUL.  It is polyurethane laminated fabric, making leak proof.

 They also sell FOE (Fold Over Elastic).  It is elastic that easily folds in the middle and makes it super easy to “bind” the edges of the diapers.  The Fabric, FOE, snaps and patches come in all kinds of coordinating colors and designs. 

The book provides many different patterns to choose from.  By the 4th diaper I started to take what I liked from each pattern and make the diaper that best suited my baby.

I am currently working on a night diaper for my 3-year-old.  (Oh, to never have to purchase Pull-Ups again)

 *Babyville Boutique did not sponser this post. The opinions are all my own.  (However, I would love it if they did:))

2 thoughts on “Homemade Diapers

  1. I also loved cloth diapers for my babies’ skin- a lot less rashes. At one time, I paid for a cloth diaper service. I bagged the dirty ones up every week, they superwashed them, and I got a bag of clean ones in return! Good for you for making your own!


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