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Regular household CHAOS!

As promised, this blog is about regular household chaos.

I think, as a mom, it is so important to admit to the chaos that happens in your house.  And talk about it with other mamma’s.  The first thing you will realize it that they are in the same position as you.

Were one minuet the house is tidy and the kids are playing happy together… and you think to yourself,

“I am such a great mom, my family totally has got it together”

Then suddenly, while in the middle of that thought two or more children are fighting, while one has dumped Cheerios all over the floor, there are toys everywhere, you’ve totally lost track of time and the has dog puked on the floor.

(Not that that is what happend here, just as an example)

The other day I was painting something at my craft desk and my oldest daughter was sewing something for me. (I am so proud of her)

And as she was happily doing this, my son was doing this…. The little stinker was eating them as fast as he could so that I could not vacuum them up.  You gotta love em’!

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