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February Wreath

Well of course it’s a heart.  The question is what colors?

A few years ago I found a grape-vine heart wreath and completely fell in love with it.  That was until I got it home and realized that there was no way to hang this straight up and down.  Thus, I would have to get a little creative with the decor that would adorn my new wreath.  Oooooh, poor me!

For a few years I prettied it up some with ribbons and buttons, and I always used the colors Red, Pink and White.

Well this year, I’m changen’ things up…….

I decided to go with no cute buttons or ribbon, forget the pink…. we are going RED, WHITE and BLACK!

My inspiration to revamp the whole wreath came from here.  The writer of this blog always has something interesting to show.  It’s a great blog! Check it out.

So, my first step was spray paint! I love that part.  Then I decided that I would add a monogram (something I have never done).  All five people in our family have “D” names, so we are always refered to as the D-family, not “H” for our last name. All though when my daughter saw the “H” she asked if it was for Heart!!!

Gotta love the way they see things!

Then I learned how to make roses from coffee filters (here).  It’s funny, I use a grinder and a coffee press to make my coffee (about 3 times a day) yet I have every kind of coffee filter for my craft room.

After making a few roses and giving up on the process because I am A-D-D and it took to long to make more.  I added some red GLITTER stickers and went to town with the glue gun.  (well I stayed here and added lots of glue!)

I think I like this one… it’s kind of sassy. 

4 thoughts on “February Wreath

  1. I am no heart fan, but I like this one! Like you said, it’s sassy. I usually don’t like hearts, because they easily become very girly and pinkish, ^^^THIS^^^ I like! Not that you should care what I like, since you’d never get stuff done 😉


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