New Look

I read A LOT of blogs and I have noticed that the ones that I love to look at are nice and bright.  However, mine was dark.  So I am going to try out a few different Themes to see what we like.  SO if you like on, leave a comment and let me know.  I will try a few different ones and make a post for each one.

And just to let you know, there are some great projects that are getting finished up so that they can be blogged about! I can’t wait to show you.




Okay, that last one was a little much…. I have to admit.  This one has a few things I like.  First of all I love the PURPLE.   Also, I think the texture in the background adds a lot of interest.  I like the designs around the title and the bottom.

What does this one say to you????

(Remember to comment!)

5 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Just popping in to say hello! I love the spooky town at the bottom of the page but have to agree about the pink. I’m just not a pink girl though, more of a purple one.


  2. Hey, Donna, I don’t think this colour suits you or what you are trying to accomplish… I have been thinking of redoing mine too. I do like the font you are using- do you know what it is?


  3. Ummm I think you need to tell people that this IS purple, not pink! And there is nothing wrong with purple!!! However, it is hard to read your title…. it’s too busy 🙂 Love you!!!


  4. Ok. Here is what the name of your blog brings to my mind as far as presentation goes. I imagine a White background ( boring I know but clean and bright) with photos of primary coloured random items (children’s toys maybe? This is the chaos) washing on a line blowing in the blue sky (laundry obviously) and then some cookies. Is that to literal?? I just thought it made sense to link your design to the name. What do you think??


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