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cute little dresses

I got this idea from this blog.  It is called I’m a Momma Hear me Roar. She is a Super Star Blogger…. she was even on Martha Stewart.  Yeah,  I love her blog, always something interesting going on over there.

While Cheri was on The Martha Show she shared her very creative Up Cycled Dresses. I thought, hey, I have two little girls and a lot of previously loved T-shirts that just sit around doing nothing.  Check out her blog for the tutorial.

The first step was to gather up t-shirts and figure out what colors would look fun together. There was sure a lot of funky colors…. I guess I like bright fun colors, who knew?

We (me and the girlies) also pulled out stamps and paint as well as a permanent fabric marker. 

We sewed the fabric so that the wrong sides are together.  For the non-sewers, normaly you would sew with the right sides facing together. But I wanted the seams showing on the outside of the dress.

As seen here, I am not the only sewer in the family.  Girly is making a dress for her little sister… such a thoughtful girl. 

After painting, stamping, writing on, layering and sewing it was time to add a top to the dress.

Cute shirt, but stained and getting a little too short for my tall little girl.



So I did what any reasonable Mother crafter would do.  I cut the bottom off.



We sewed the shirt top to the new dress bottom and wha-la.  A dress.  And the very best part is that there is no hemming.  (I DO NOT like hemming) We made sure to use the bottom of an old t-shirt for the bottom of the dress so that we didn’t have to hem.  Here they are modeling their new dresses!












7 thoughts on “cute little dresses

  1. Donna – Way to go! Your girls are absolutely darling. I’m so impressed that your older daughter is already sewing. Yay! Love the chick stamp and the bright colors. Thank you SO much for sharing this with me! You rocked it!


  2. What??? You let her sew on your new Bernina\????? Ha ha ha
    Isn’t it nice you can lower the speed on the machine to a crawl? So great for beginner sewers. Donna, you CAN move it up a bit for you now. LOL LOL


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