Painted Tree

The other day I found myself in the usual circumstance.  It was raining outside the kiddies and I felt cooped up and we needed something fun to do.  I started looking at Pintest, and all of a sudden I had an idea.  Rather than sitting around and feeling creative, I got up and got creative.

I put the baby down for a nap, grabbed some chalk, a wash cloth, paint brushes, paint and paper towel.  As I went running up stairs I called to the girls, “Ya wanna do something fun?” Needless to say, they we in!

So armed with an idea and inspiration from a Blog, called The Creative Imperative, we went to work on a creating a tree.   I used chalk to draw an outline on the wall.   I learned to use chalk for making an outline from the very talented artist, Jamie, over a The CI blog. 

The chalk was a piece of white sidewalk chalk that a neighbourhood kid left on my front deck.  Once I drew a design I liked, and it was approved by my art critics, we went to work with the paint.

note: my art critics were very honest as they are only 3 and 6 years old. 

The paint was some left over brown house paint from my neighbour with some acrylic craft paint mixed in.  I used a large paint brish for most of the tree.  There are some really good tutorials of the IC blog about how to use one.

The girls had some pretty interesting color suggestions for the leaves.  But I managed to convince them that green was the very best option.

We were able to finish the tree before Mr.Chaos got home from work.  He had no idea about this undertaking.  Here is my Facebook Status update during the process.

I am happy to say that when he got home and was violently drug up the stairs by two VERY excited girls he was quite please with the tree. 

By the time we were finished painting, the play room (the scene of this adventure) was a glorious mess. There were paint bottles and toys everywhere!

There is still more to come for this fun tree…

Here is a little hint!

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