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December Wreath

December Wreath is all about gold and red!  I always decorate the front of our house with these colors.  I’ve never really been a fan of either of them, but I discovered that together they create a warm classy Christmas feel.  So here are a few instructions on how I made my December Wreath. This wreath is part of my Wreath-a-Month blog post.

I love to buy decorations after the season is over…. they are always super cheap.  Here is a picture of my collection of Christmas Balls. I would say there is about 6 cubic feet of them!  They’re all plastic shatter proof so that they can be used for crafts. Most of them were about 20+ balls for $5 and under. 

As I mentioned I like to decorated outside with gold and red.  So I chose only the red and gold ones.  It is important to put in all different finishes. (glossy, matte, glitter)  I also chose some of each finish in 4 different sizes.

I hot glued the tops onto the balls so that they were more secure.  Then I took a pre-made wreath with just greenery on it.  First I placed all the balls on the wreath it to determine the layout I wanted.  Than I started attaching the bigger balls on the bottom and worked my way up both side simultaneously.  The balls are hot glued to the wire frame of the wreath.  They do not glue well to each other so I used glue dots to keep them hanging onto one another.

After the wreath was compleat I hung it on the front door.  Soon it will accompanied by the rest of the Christmas decorations that adorne our house for this glorious season.


don’t you?

Be warned: if you have cats, this project has the potential to reek havoc.

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