A New, Slightly-Crazy, Totally-Exciting, Great-Way-To-Celebrate Idea

A wreath on a door is so welcoming.  It suggests that the person who owns that door, or is the keeper of that door, is caring, crafty, creative, bold, aware, friendly, thoughtful and loving.  Now before you say that I’m nuts for thinking all of that just because a person hangs a wreath on their door, let me explain. 

enough to decorate their door to welcome you in.
talent is what it take to put together different materials and make them look great together
 it takes special skill to create or re-create a beautiful work of art
 because they are making a statement on their front door
  of what is in season, and style
 inviting you into their home with a warm piece of art
 having taken the time to make the wreath in order to welcome you in
 refer to all of the above
So, having said all that, I am proposing a wreath a month.  On the first of every month I will post the picture of the wreath that I am hanging on my door.  So now to think of all the ways to celebrate and honor each month…..
 My creativity wheels are all ready going into overdrive,
this will be so much fun!
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