October Wreath

The wreath for this month is really cool. It is the first in the A Wreath a Month Series that I posted about. I wanted to wreath to represent the month that we are in.  I think that candy corn and October go together very well.  The idea came from my favorite blog All Things Thrifty.  Brook posted pictures of wreaths made of candy corn.  You should really check it out! 
While I was in the grocery store one day I spotted purple candy corn.   I quickly purchased 2 pounds of it.  Maybe I went a little overboard, but I was super excited. 

For this wreath I used a floral Styrofoam round wreath and painted it black. 

Then hot glued each candy in it’s place. 
I was very strict with the “one candy for the wreath,
 one candy for me” rule. 
Each row alternated directions.  The rows will not line up with one another, but by this point there is so much sugar in the system that it seems to not matter. 
After it was finished I thought it would be a good idea to seal it some how.  My first attempt to do this was with Mod Podge.  That stuff is great for just about anything.  But not this.It reacted with the candy and made it runny and would not dry completely.  WHAT A MESS.  It was a good thing I went crazy and bought 2 pounds of candy because I ended up having to wash everything off the wreath and starting again.  Yuh live and learn, right?
So lesson learned.  With the second one I eat way less candy as I made it, and when I was finished I sprayed it with Krylon Clear Gloss Spray Paint. 
Here she is ready to greet all of my October guests!

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