Season Cushion Covers

The first time I laid eyes on my house, I decided that it needed a front porch swing. A few days after moving it I searched my favourite online store (okay, not store, more like Craigslist).  
To my surprise there was an ad for a Resin Wicker Porch Swing.  I grabbed it as fast as I could. You know those ads that you see on Craigslist and you loose sleep over them. (I assume that happens to lots of people)  Anyway, a good friend of mine who lives in the area of the seller was gracious enough to run over and pick it up for me. 

A future post will feature my Craigslist finds!

This post is not really about the swing so much, but more of what I like put on it.  So more to the point!  I made cushion covers for the cushion that live on the swing.  They cost hardly anything to make.  The fabric is black broad cloth and the stencil I made myself out of Freezer paper. (Really the stuff you use in the kitchen. I have never used it in the kitchen, only in the craft room.)

Here is how it’s done…

 I found free online images here that I liked, as well as downloaded a font from, which you can find here. I used Holloween Bats.  
Then I traced them onto the freezer paper.   And cut out the images with a craft knife.
Then position your stencil, shiny side down onto the fabric and hit it with the iron.
Choose from an array ofacrylic craft paint colors. 
I found that the Plaid brand and the DecoArt Brand worked the best.  Then fill in your stencil. I chose to brush the paint on rather than dabbing because I wanted a smooth finish. Make sure that you have a scrape paper or cardboard under the fabric that you are painting, it will run through.  Be carful that the edges of the stencil are not comming loose.  When you are finished painting gently lift your stencil and reviel your masterpiece.
I then folded and sewed my fabric along two sides and added Velcro to the last side.   This way I can use the same cushions every season with a different cover.

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