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“I Love Snow”

I always see the little signs in stores and in magazines that have a cute picture or neat saying.  I have always thought that they would not be too hard to make.  And of course, with anything homemade it is totally customizable.  So this is my first attempt at making my own little sign. 

I think it turned out pretty good.  I still don`t know where to hang it, but I’m sure it will make itself comfortable somewhere.

It is painted on an old wall hanging that I had.  I never hung it up after we moved so I repurposed it.

First I painted it with a Robin Egg Blue Color, then sketched out the snowman. 

Then I did the text.  The font came from a great website called   You just search through all the REALLY COOL fonts and download the ones you want.  They magically end up in Word and you just print them out.

To get the letters from the page to the sign I colored with a dark crayon on the back of the page, then placed the page on the board and traced around the letters.  For all those amazing confident drawers, you can most likley free hand it. But this is a great way to cheat!

I used Deco-Art Snow Texture to add `snow` under the snowman.  To make perfect snowflakes I used the left over sticker page from a pack of scrapbook stickers as a stencil.  I filled that in with the Snow Texture as well.  Then, of course, the most exciting part of the entire project…. I added glitter.

So if you are looking at this, make sure to leave me a comment so I know you were here…. There is a little bubble up by the title.

 I love hearing from everyone!

2 thoughts on ““I Love Snow”

  1. Here I am snooping your great blog! I lilke your little sign. Maybe I will be inspired to make on too! Jo and I were going to come see the wall hanging that you’re donating to church…but you weren’t home 😦


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