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Crayola Monogram

Here is a great gift for a teacher or a child.  It was really easy to do and lots of opportunity for younger ones to help out.  As long as they are willing to part with a box of crayons.

There is a really good tutorial at Chic & Cheap Nursery!  But I’ll give you a little run down on how I did it.  First I laid out the crayon colors in order over the printed letter.  That way I knew I would have enough crayons.

From there I cut out the letter and laid it on the cutting board.  Using a craft knife I cut each crayon at the angles needed to make an “M”.  Each piece was glued into place with a hot glue gun.  Maybe don’t use a super hot setting the crayons might melt. Just saying! hahahaha

When the letter is finished you have to frame it.  I wanted to use a yellow background because yellow screams CRAYOLA!  Add a little text about who it is for and there you have it!  What a great teacher gift, don’t you think?

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