Often times friends give me their hand-me-down clothing.  I love when this happens. Some of my favorite pieces of clothing are second-hand.

But one day when I had a friend unloading her closet on me, it struck me. Many people would never wear second-hand clothes and some are even offended at the offer.

Well, I think people get their knickers in a knot over very silly things sometimes.

I asked a friend why she hands all her clothes to me, she simply said, “cause you are always happy and thankful to take them”.  I figure that was a compliment.

The latest load that I got consisted of a few shirts that were a little to small for me.  I was so disappointed because as soon as I saw the shirt I loved it.  I took it with me thinking that there may be something that I can do with it…. the fabric as beautiful!

I figured if I took off the ties and added them to the back of the shirt it would widen it out enough to fit.

I was right!

I added an invisible zipper in between the blue strips and also widened out the sleeve holes.  My arms are way to muscle-y for most woman-y shirts.

Now I have a great “custom made” shirt. 

What is your opinion on hand-me-down clothes?

3 thoughts on “Hand-me-downs

  1. That is such a great idea Donna! Such a cute shirt! I personally really appreciate hand me downs. My sister in law gives me all of her good girls clothes and it has saved us a ton of money PLUS my girls love wearing their big cousins’ stuff!!


  2. Love it. Great idea. Wish some one would give me hand me downs!! Its common to be given lots of children’s stuff and I am always grateful, my boys are always quite keen to wear their big friends/brothers clothes but it’s rare to be given adults clothing. Shame.


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