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November Wreath

A poppy is to remember!

We are reminded of the fallen soldiers with a poppy.  Here is what will be hanging on my door as a way to honor our men and woman who died for our freedom.

The poppies were made from coffee filters and colored with food colouring and spray paint.  Here is a run through of how it was done.

First I found the template for the poppy petals on this website and traced them on to the coffee filters.  Once they were cut out I crumpled them and put them in the water mixed with food colouring. Afterwards I dried them on a rack.

Once they were totally dried I followed the directions on Martha Stewart’s website.

 After I had the flowers assembled I Krylon-ed them with Cherry Red gloss spray paint to add some depth and darken them up.

I covered the wreath with thick black ribbon

and pushed a pin through the flower and into the wreath.

If you are going to make one like this, let me know.  I would love to see pictures!

4 thoughts on “November Wreath

  1. Great idea! I remember when I was a child we used to always get a couple artificial poppies with wire stems on Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day. I think that a veterans group sold them as a fund-raiser. I hadn’t thought of them in years until I saw this post.


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