Bring the Outdoors In

Once again, I have asked the question, “Why Not?”

The results this time is a tree in the house!

  This past year for my birthday a friend of mine gave me a Magnolia Tree.  She told me it was root bound and needed some TLC.  So when I got it home I put it in a big pot with some great soil and TLC’ed it all summer long. It was looking so good with new shiny leaves. When the cold hit I just didn’t have the heart to let it stay out there and freeze.  So, while my husband was tired and in a moment of weakness, I asked him to bring it in.  What looked like a small tree outside is now a rather large house plant.

A little added surprise……. there was some leftover Impatiens in the pot and now they are sprouting new leaves.  I wonder if they will go into full bloom?  Oh, maybe the tree itself will bloom.  That would be really cool.




Of course there is no way that I can just have a plan old tree in the house.  So I decorated it.  My neighbours found these super decorations for the garden. 


I also have another plant that I am trying to make live forever. It’s a Poinsettia that I got at Christmas last year.  I’ve been told that I have to put it in total darkness in order to make it bloom.  I will be sure to share the results when that happens.

3 thoughts on “Bring the Outdoors In

  1. I have a fig tree in the house that sits outside all summer. The worst thing is, it also tends to lose a lot of leaves in the fall, so I am forever sweeping them up. I don’t have to decorate my trees- my kids do that! I have found plastic snakes in the pot, GI Joe men hanging from the branches, and things like that!

    And yes, your poinsettia should be dark and cool for several weeks. Amarylis are like that too, and I have been able to get that to rebloom… hope it works for you!


  2. Great photos! I’m looking forward to updates about the poinsettia. I can remember never having any luck getting them to bloom years ago–but I still always feel bad when I discard them after the holidays. Maybe this year I’ll save one–and see if I can get it to bloom again in 2012.


  3. oh Donna, I love that you brought your magnolia tree inside the house and decorated it too.. for the pointsetta, keep it in a nice warm and completely dark place for a minimun of 6 weeks and then bring out into a nice bright place. Don’t forget to water it only enough to keep the soil slightly moist until you take it out of the dark cupboard but don’t let any light get to the plant before time is up! fertilize with regular house plant fertilizer to get a decent size red leaves (their blooms). such fun! can’t wait to see it !


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