Meet the woman behind the Chaos

Hi I’m Donna.

I am a Wife, Mother, Sister, Friend, Neighbour, Pet Lover, Home Owner, Student, Neat Freak, Baker, Cook, and Crafter.  The result of each of these blessed hats I get to wear is Chaos. It can get really crazy around here, but somehow things get done.

Most of the craziness comes from me having some sort of project on the go, three kids needing my attention 5 pets who are causing some ruckus somewhere and a husband who sometimes has to make everyone lunch or supper after coming home from work.

I have a heart for my pets.  It is a little out of hand though when a cat or a dog or a baby (not to mention plenty of fish) have come to join our family every year for the last few years.  So it starts with 3 people (My husband, my daughter and myself)  and 2 cats.  Chewie and Crash.  These two cats lived with me 13 years and were both deceased this past year.

In March 2008, I got a call from a friend telling me that she found a cat in a rest stop and she grabbed it and put it in her van(with her bull-dog). That is how we got Coda.   March 2009 we had our second baby.  A beautiful baby girl. In November that year we got our first Dog.  She is a shy, loving and well-behaved Golden Retriever named Storm.

We even have her come along to family photo shoots.  This picture was taken by Lorelei, check out her blog here.

The following November  (2010) we had a beautiful baby boy.

And then we got even more pets………

oooh yes, the story continues….


When my neighbours cat was going to have kittens I thought it would be really cool to keep one of them.  Then, around the same time, my aunts cat was going to have kittens, and she is a calico.  I have always wanted a Calico Cat.  So my husband said, why not get two kittens? 

I never did get the Calico that I wanted.  My daughter saw the kittens first and fell in love with the orange kitten.  She named him Cheezy. The cute little cat that came from the neighbour we named Ickabod, for short we call her Icka.

Right when the kittens were ready to come home a friend offered us their beloved Basset Hound. We have known him from the time he was a puppy and we knew that he would be a good fit for out family.  So we figured why not?  That is how we got Olie!  It happened that the Cheezy, Icka and Olie all came home on the same day!   That is why I mention Chaos. Now as it seems to go with our pets, we get them one year, and a year later we have anther baby.  This is not planned, and I sure hope that we’re not having triplets next September.  Then I think the chaos will have to be spelled out in capital letters! 

So there you go, the family and the pets (and of course the projects that are the subject of each post) behind the Chaos, who loves the Cookies and produces the Laundry.

The family picture (and the picture of me at the top of the post) were taken shortly after my 3rd child was born.  Louise at GC Photography was the photographer.  Check out her blog and amazing photos.

One thought on “Meet the woman behind the Chaos

  1. I am so impressed by this blog…what a wonderful job. By the way you did a fantastic job on my hutch….i get lots of comments on it. Love and hugs from Aunty Dani


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