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You Can Only Change/ Control You… Not Them

A friend on Facebook posted that her daughter got called fat while at the pool.  I read that and thought about it quite a lot… I remember rude comments from my own childhood, I think we all do.  This post really got me to thinken’ Of course, this child should not have called her fat. In fact, the child should not even… Continue reading You Can Only Change/ Control You… Not Them

Chemical Free

Time Management! Is that even Possible??

Does the idea of Time Management Scare you? Me Too!!! Here are a few thoughts on time MANAGING TIME seems impossible. It doesn’t stop for anything. It just keeps ticking away no matter what happens.  Time has no feelings.  Someone is born, someone dies… time marches on. Even when the King of the world was born and… Continue reading Time Management! Is that even Possible??

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December 2016 Video newsletter

I am so excited I broke out in song. That does tend to happen this time of year.   December 2016 video newsletter from Donna Holleman on Vimeo. You can get more details here Young Livings December 2016 Promotions! Classes, Toxic Free Home, DIY and Alternatives CHRISTMAS ADDITION Gentle Baby & Oily Kids, a mothers… Continue reading December 2016 Video newsletter