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There is Only 1 Step to Achieving Greatness

The most important thing you will ever hear is what you tell yourself?your words matter.png

Did you realize that you are that important?

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company, was heard to say,

Whether you think you CAN or you think you CANNOT, you are absolutely right.

Think about that….. your achievements, disappointments, outcomes, events and relationships are not a matter of luck or happenstance, they are a matter of your mindset!

Listen Friend, inside of you there is an incredible potential for all kinds of amazing!  The ONLY thing that stands between you and your greatness is the Thinks that you Think and the words that you tell yourself.

What if your conscious mind (the one that is always going) is the main information source to your subconscious mind (the place where our potential resides)?

What are you telling yourself?  What is the information you are receiving?

I can’t do this. This wont work.  I’m not good enough. There is no way.  What if? What if? What if? Oh, this is going to be awful…….   if this is the information your subconscious mind is receiving, it is no wonder the results are lack luster or disappointing!

so lets change the language…

I can. This will work. I am good enough. There has to be away. This is going to be great!

Today, I challenge you to think about the thoughts that pass through your mind.  Are they up lifting and encouraging? or are they tearing you down?  Ask yourself, if your thoughts were the words of a friend, would you keep that friend around?  Would you be friends with you?

What does this look like?  -When those negative thoughts creep up, replace them with a positive one. Seriously, that simple!

Example: I cannot possibly get reach the goal I have set   I will reach my goal, I will work diligently to reach the goal I have set for myself.  I am not fast enough to win this race I am fast I will win this race. (you may think, ‘yah, but I am not fast, and I have never won that race’. Let me ask, how is that serving you?) Repeat, I am fast, I will win this race. Why would anyone read what I have to say, who am I?  I have learned amazing things, and I have a heart to share with others. I have great ideas and people will benefit from them. (see I am learning this with you) I should be better, I am not good enough I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I am good enough! Repeat these words as many times as necessary.

Let’s consider how much you have already achieved while feeding your subconscious a steady diet of negativity.  Now, imagine the possibilities when we start feeding ourselves the truth about who we really are.

 If you are not sure who you really are… let me give you a little hint, you are Fearfully and wonderfully made with a purpose that is beyond this world and you are loved! 

Be well Friends,


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