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Making and Having Babies

Lately babies have been on my mind A LOT.  This spring I found out I was expecting… I knew something was up, I wanted to off most of the people around me and they were innocent.  As our family started our month long trip through Utah, up to Yellowstone, over to the Black Hills then back up the my home and native land, I started to feel very pregnant.  I have never been so sick.  Seriously, to puke from 2 pm till bed time every night can really take it out of you.

You know what was the most difficult? I mean, other then having the personality of a paper bag and no desire to talk to people… it was knowing that I know pregnancy and I know oils and health… I should not be like this!!!  But I was, oh was I ever.


ya think??!!

With a strong aversion to the smell of many of the oils that I knew would help me the most, I knew I was going to have to make some huge changes. So I cut wheat out of my diet completely, not Gluten free, but no wheat at all and no oats.  This was my first food restriction and it was not easy. My hats off to you people who have to abstain from something that looks as smells delicious because your body does not agree with you.  But it is so worth it when you can function normally.  I was still tired but I was no longer puking and that was a win for me.  I continued to use the oils… because they are not just nice smells to make you feel good. They are powerful tools to help you with normal function.

some of my favorites – lemon over my liver, Thieves on my feet, Gentle Baby on my belly and Northern Lights Black Spruce on the crown of my head.  Not all at the same time, my poor nose would not have handled that.  ha. 

I floated the idea of heading to Diclectin. I have taken in the past, but after reading the list of non-medical ingredients it was not an option for me.  Seriously, two different colours, SLS and propylene glycol, just to name a few.  Why are these in there, honestly?!

Now back to having babies.  Since being back to the land of the living, I have been invited into the delivery room a few times.  It is a bit of a different gig when you are expecting your own baby.  Mainly, more self care and awareness.  We don’t often feel hungry while pregnant, rather we feel nauseated, faint or very weak… not a whole lot of time for that in a delivery room! So as I pack my oils and water and head to another woman’s delivery room I also bring food, a lot of food, especially fruit.

And as a doula I get asked often, “are you going to have a doula or will you doula yourself” this brings up some great discussions, that will happen in posts to follow.

Until then friends, keep well.


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