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Dear Younger Me

Writing your feelings down can be so incredibly healing, but the idea of writing a letter to your younger self!!!


As the song Dear Younger Me  by MercyMe at first he says he is not really sure where to start, there is so much to share, so much to learn and so much to tell… but he ends up just saying,

It’s not your fault.  How much do we carry with ourselves. How much guilt, blame, distrust, shame do we carry.  No, as the artist says, You were not meant to carry this beyond the cross.

Lets take this one thought further… As my Dad used to say “just think, one day, these will be the good ol’ days”  We are that younger us to the older more mature us that will be worthy of a beautiful compassionate letter that says, go easy on yourself, love yourself strive to do your best, take it to the Lord and for goodness sake you amazing, so just love yourself.

Take a listen friends, and if the tears come, let them fall.  With each one of them let some piece of guilt, blame, distrust or shame fall away.

In Wellness,



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