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Dance Your Baby Out

It’s a birthday party people, and I wanna hear some noise.

That noise can be moans and groans of pain as that little one works to come and meet his or her parents.  But the best noise… lets sing (for real, I mean it) and Dance.

This doctor comes along side and dances those babies out with his patient.  And let me tell you IT WORKS!  Moving the hips and grinding your booty to the floor will encourage your baby’s head to settle nicely in to the pelvis and keep it moving to the exit.

Put on those songs that will make you want to move.  You can do what you want while the contraction is happening, but those 3 minuets between the incredible surges of power from your uterus it is up to you to make a party.

So at your next birthday party (okay, labour and delivery, same thing) lets dance, move wiggle your booty and meet some happy dancing babies.

*hint: you need a doula who will make this happen with you, she is great at removing the stigma or uncomfortable in the room, you can tell who they are, we, I mean they, have a glint in there eye and love birth for the incredible beautiful journey that it is.

so mamma’s, and dad’s when you are in the room as well… let’s dance

We Well Friends,



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