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When Things Do NOT go as Planned

Okay friends, it has taken me a while to write this post, and even to admit that I need to.  But the truth is I have recently been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.   I was not even going to agree to take the test, but my midwife gently pushed me to do it.  So one Saturday after she got the results, she called me to let me know that my numbers “exceeded expectation”.  They were all high.  I had Gestational Diabetes.  I hung up and a sort of state of shock.  I didn’t know what I could eat or could not eat.  Suddenly food became an enemy, but then, so did the lack of food.

Can I go into diabetic shock, is my baby in danger, will my baby be okay, will I be okay, what can I eat????????

Mornings were the hardest, I was completely overwhelmed and had no idea what to eat.  So I would get really hungry and just cry.

I was nervous to Google the problem because so often the worst of the worst comes up and I was already so unsure.  But I took the leap and googled.  I was so glad to find some really great information out there. I came across this book and ordered it on Amazon right away.  Lily Nichols is a Dietitian and Nutritionist along with a whole host of other credentials.  She found that her clients were not doing as well as she expected so she changed her ways.  This book teaches those ways.  If this is something you are dealing with, check out her website hereimages

Along with this book and website I immediately connected with friends that I knew would be a support.  I prefer to do things more of a natural kinda hippy way, so I made sure to connect with like-minded friends who would be able to relate and give me great tips and advise.   I didn’t realize how many people around me had dealt with this before.

Finally, on Wednesday at a Midwifery appointment I was able to get a little more information about what I was aloud to eat and was reassured that I would not go into shock and that the diabetic clinic would call me asap. I left feeling so much better about this diagnosis.

From friends I had collected a monitor and strips and a stabber, it may have another name, but this is really the best description.

It was another week before I heard from them.

The hospital clinic took place about a two weeks after the diagnosis. It felt like an eternity.  They were helpful in that I had a clear way to track my blood glucose levels.  They talked about how to eat and what to eat, but I found information lacking as they did not mention the Glacymic index of good, only how to carb count.  They showed the Canada Food Guide and told us how to eat from that.  Honestly, had I been eating like that my numbers would have been through the roof!!! There was no way I could handle that many carbohydrates.

In her book, Nichols says that Gestational Diabetes would better be called Carbohydrate Intolerance.  With that information I made sure to eliminate (or drastically reduce) refined carbs such as Wheat, Rice and Grain.  My carbs come from Carrots, Beets, Legumes or Potato, and even that is at about 15 to 30g per serving.  The rest of my plate is filled with Vegetables and Meat or some other protein.

For those of you reading this because you have also just been hit with the GD bomb here is how you count your carbs.  On the nutritional label there is Carbohydrates then a measurement in grams.  Under that you will see Fiber then Grams.  You can minus your grams of fiber from your grams of Carbs and that is the amount of Carbs per Serving. The Serving is listed at the very top.  nutrition-label3

I hope that helps.  I was glad to have friends who could teach me how to do this, and of course the clinic teaches you how to as well.

UPDATE:  Sense the day of the clinic I have had some very stressful weeks, due to deaths in the family and emotional family drama (every family has one, right!!??) Stress raises your blood sugar levels.  At my appointment yesterday that informed me that I will need to add insulin to control my numbers better.  At night I have to give myself a needle.  Not something I ever thought I could do.  BUT I DID IT! and will have to until this little one is born.

I will keep you posted as the journey goes on.  But please, if you have this happening to you, reach out to a friend, don’t be afraid to cry and look for help.  The book is a great resource and she touches on all sorts for topics around it.

Until next time friends,

Be well,


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