Quick Skirt

The other night while my oldest daughter was sleeping I threw a skirt together for her!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds a little crazy, but it took no time at all.

I have some Jersey Knit in my stash and I knew she would love the color. I cut out a short Maxi Skirt Pattern. The tutorial is on Elle Apparel blog. (This blog is a really great inspiration). I have made other Maxi Skirts as well.

I had to measure her hips while she was sleeping. You know you are a little bit loosing it when you wake your sleeping child to measure her for a project. Oh, my *poor* children.

After putting the skirt together I added a cute Hibiscus flower to it. I outlined the image on fusible web, then ironed it to black broad cloth. With the image on the back of the fusible web it is really easy to cut out intricate shapes. The paper peels off the back and it is really easy to adhere to the skirt. Essentially fusible web makes most any fabric into an iron-on in any shape you want! I love that stuff. One year my MIL got me an entire bolt of it for Christmas. I was over the moon excited about that gift…

Okay, focus….

Using a darning foot and free motion quilting techniques I sewed all the edges down.

As mentioned, I did this project late in the evening, thus there are no pictures of production.

One thought on “Quick Skirt

  1. Some cute little oldest daughter you got there!
    Your MIL must be something else to do that for you.
    Oh………….yeah…………..the skirt looks cute too.


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