Little Man Tie

Recently our family went out to New Brunswick, Canada to meet with our extended family.  We had a wonderful time exploring the Bay of Fundy together.

One thing we always try to do when we get together is have a family photo taken.  This year that included 21 people from 5 families.  (will post a full family picture soon)

Each family chose a different color.

In my family we had purple…. it was the only color left…

  I was surprised to see how much purple we all have in our wardrobe…. or maybe I wasn’t.  

And more to the point of my story… Manny’s Super Cute Tie.    I knew that Manny would look so cute in a little tie, but trying to find one in purple would have been a nightmare.  Thankfully a blogger has had this kind of thought process before me.  I got the idea from Amber over at Very Homemade.  She is a super sewer and figured out the ins and outs of making a tie.  Hop over and check out all her talent (and tutorials)… very impressive. 

2 thoughts on “Little Man Tie

  1. That IS a cool tie! Noah needs a tie for the wedding :), but I think I am just buying one. Love the family pic, you all look awesome!


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