The Maxi Skirt

I love the Maxi Dress that is so popular this year.

  But I have never really been a dress person.

I like jeans and shorts.  I am a casual kinda girl.

Until I found this……………….

It is a Maxi skirt.  Super easy to make and super comfortable to wear.  I found the tutorial on Elle Apparel. It is one of my favorite blogs.  Leanna Barlow, the owner of the blog, is incredibly talented.  As a result of reading her blog I have ventured more and more into making comfortable clothes without using a pattern, or making my own pattern.  For a detatiled tutorial click the link to Leanna’s Maxi Skirt Tutorial.  She explains the process very well. 

It even has a yoga pant top so it helps to hold in a “just had a baby belly” or will fit really well over a “having a baby belly”.

You really have to give it a try. What color would you do one in? I wanna hear about it!

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