no irritation Irrigation

Over the past few years my husband and I have been “collecting” or “compiling” an irrigation system.  It started with a 50′ 1/2 inch soaker hose that we used to keep our new cedars watered through the hot summer.  The following year we bought the 100′ Soaker System from Lee Valley.  I was surprised at the low price, it was just under $50.  And it came with all sorts of hoses and connectors.


The system starts at one side of the house and goes through a pressure regulator (that comes with the system) and through some feeder hose.  Feeder hose is non-permeable hose that carries that water between the soaker hoses.

The first soaker hose goes through a front flower garden. There is another feeder hose that carries the water to the next soaker hose which waters the other half of the front garden.

You get the pictures?

 The system continues on going through a shrub bed then to my 3 raised vegetable gardens, and to the back of the property to the cedars and though another flower garden.  None of the water gets wasted. 

Last year when we were in the dog days of summer I would turn on the hose at the side of the house and then run in and start the kitchen timer so that I would remember to turn the water off.

But that will change this summer….  My husband and I attended at a silent auction fundraiser.  I think I am way to practical because even when I can buy something frivolous and tell myself that it is for charity, I still end up buying something practical.  I found a watering timer.  I watched my bid like a hawk! I guess I didn’t really have to, considering no one else bid on it. It will be “good timing” for this summer!

The plan for this year is to connect 5 variable mini sprinklers to the system.  These will water the new trees and flower gardens.  For all 5 sprinklers it will cost a whoppen’ $6.00, and we all ready have the hose.

How do you water?  How do you keep it all watered while you are away?

I love hearing from you. Let me know what you think!

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