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My neighbour, and good friend, was asked to create the decorations for her church’s VBS.  She is very creative and come up with a great way to make butterflies that will hang from the ceiling.  She wanted to make butterflies with stain glass wings.

I was excited when she enlisted my help.

We started with a bucket of used and broken crayons, black construction paper, waxed paper, an iron and a blender.

First we sorted the crayons into groups of colors

Then we need to breakdown the crayons so that they could be melted between the sheets of waxed paper.

 So we figured a blender would do the job. 

This is the purple crayons with bits of white to help lighten it up.

After making a butterfly template we laid waxed paper over the outline and sprinkled on the crayons and covered it with another piece of waxed paper.  It didn’t take many crayons to cover the wing.

With a quick press from the hot iron the crayons melt and the colors blend together making a stained glass effect.


There are two butterfly outlines per butterfly.

 The center or ‘body’ of the butterfly was glued first than the wax paper ‘wings’ were cut so that they were a little smaller than the outline.

This way the construction paper would stick together with glue and hold the waxed paper in place.

This entire project was made using stuff we had around the house, so it cost $0 to make.  That is a great price! It was also a fun project to do with the my girls.  They loved chosing to colors and seeing them melt together.


One thought on “Butterflies

  1. I made that one with the boys, they loved it and it’s a nice and fast craft (when you pre-cut everything for them) which is a good thing over here. The blender is brilliant, I broke them in little pieces and then minced it with a kitchen knife…think outside the box Hester…common’..


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