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Bleach Pen Design

I have a shirt that I love.  Unfortunately while cleaning the house I splashed bleach on it. The bleach did not splash into this design, but I can tell you how to make it look that way.  lol.

While checking out one of my favorite blogs (I am a Momma, Hear me Roar), I can across Bleach Pen Shirts.  I searched high and low to find a bleach pen in Canada.  But was unable to find one, until randomly there was some at the Dollar Store. 

Normally when painting or stamping a shirt there should be some cardboard between the layers, but I wanted something that would be waterproof.  An upside down jelly roll pan works like a charm.  Safety pins in the back keep the shirt fabric taut.

I love dress makers chalk.  It works great to make the design outline.  Now to come up with a design and hit it with the bleach pen.

The gel was not bleach-y enough so openend up the pen and added about 2 tbsp of Clorox bleach.  I wanted to keep the gel so that I would still have a thick consistency. 

Work slowly  to create even lines.  A thicker consistency gel would have worked like a charm.  But as it was, this worked just fine.

Rinse, Lather, Repeat!

Run the water over the jelly roll pan wrapped shirt!

I was once an assistant to an amazing hair stylist/ friend and she taught me that shampoo neutralizes bleach.  So I used foaming hand soap and lathered it all over the bleached area. 

Then rinse again!  A rinse/ spin cycle ensures that all the soap and bleach are gone.

Make sure to grab a few photos of the super creative and fun design.  Looking at your own work in a mirror gives you a different perspective on it.  That way you can add more or know that it is just right!

Now my mind is spinning with bleach pen ideas…. most anything can be bleached…. nothing can stop me now. 

One thought on “Bleach Pen Design

  1. What a great way to rescue a favorite shirt or tank top!! How did you get the thicker lines in your design to come out evenly? Did the bleach pen just spread out after you thinned it or did you have to go over your design until it was evenly bleached?


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