Weekend Getaway!

As a way to celebrate our eighth anniversary Mr. Chaos and I took 24 hours to ourselves.

Well, let me tell you what can happen in 24 hours!

A Train Ride

Chehalis- Centrailia Railroad.  And an incredible prime rib dinner on the train. 

A Randy Travis Concert. 

We were driving along listening to Randy Travis on the radio.  (I have always loved his voice).  As we were listening we drove past a huge sign that said Randy Travis in Concert… tonight! We went to the casino where that concert was, but it was sold out.  On a whim we went to the box office and asked if there were any more tickets.  They gave us 2 and said not to pay! We went in and the guard showed us to our seats…. “Yup, this is easy”, he said,” just go all the way up the middle isle and to the left”.  Front row seats!  It is amazing what a little prayer can do!

The Original StarbucksI love Starbucks Coffee

My FAVORITE kitchen store in the world! Sur La Table!  I was so bloomen’ excited about getting in there that I forgot to take a picture…. What as I thinking?

A visit to the Pike Place Market

And a wonderful Spice Market that makes the best Seattle Spicy Chai Tea

In all we travelled 500 miles (there and back).  What can I say, I married a truck driver!

I love hearing from you. Let me know what you think!

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