Have you ever needed just a little more room in your bag…..?

        Ummmmm, yeah!

These are the materials I had in my craft room when I decided that I needed a bigger bag.

  There is no safe place in that room when I am on a mission. 

Most of the fabric and buttons were once part of a nursing cover that my neighbour made for me.  I loved it! I was so in love with the fabric and buttons that I knew I wanted to be with it always!

 So rather than using it for a nursing cover (because I am not currently nursing) I thought it would make a GREAT bag.

unfortunately, I was half way through making the bag when I realized that I didn’t have any pictures of the nursing cover.


 This beauty is loaded with pockets…..

Now that I have a great big bag I have to fill it!!! Oh the possibilities…..

So talk to me, tell me what you think.  Leave a Comment…. (don’t be shy)

3 thoughts on “BIG BAG

  1. Off to the nearest fabric store, I say. Is that one in Langley still there? I may have to come out and help you select some stuff………….


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