Controversial Hanging Basket

The front of my house gets full sun exposure for most of the day. Keeping gardens and flowers watered is a full-time summer job. As for the hanging baskets they are near impossible to keep watered. I have tried a few different kinds of baskets in the past. But short of having cactus hanging baskets I am not sure if it can happen. One option is to include the them in the irrigation system, but that is still in the works… there are a few obstacles to over come. In the mean time the flowers are thirsty.

So this year I am trying something new. Remember the Macrame plant hangers that were super popular in the 70’s and 80’s?

This is the answer to my watering problem. I stuck a clay pot and saucer in the hanger and stuffed it full of hanging basket stuffer plants. Now when I water it the moisture hangs out for a while rather than draining out the bottom and drying out.

After hanging it I admired it and thought that it was a great idea as well as the answer to all my hanging basket woes.

However, I was wong…. according to some.

People have been really funny about it. Some hate it and say that it has to go and others love it and think it is a great idea. Yet others are indifferent about it. I have never had a project have such a varied response.

I find in interesting that everyone seems to associate it with their childhood memories and that determines if they like it or not.

For me, I like it. I even made on myself a few years ago. I used what I had lying around. And Googled the instructions, it was not that hard to make.

Tell me what you think… honest….

8 thoughts on “Controversial Hanging Basket

  1. Hey my friend :). I love it! And I am not a hanging basket fan! I think they look tacky, but this one is elegant, beautiful, yet robust and tough. And that fits your house and your family. I am impressed.


  2. Its ok …just not as amazing as your other projects. Not a fan if the orange though. Perhaps it will look better when the flowers are flourishing 🙂


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