Oooops, Sorry about that!

Where have I been? It is almost a month with no post…..  Let me first apologize for my absence.  I love my blog and I love hearing from my readers.  I have no good excuse. 

But what have I been doing?  Well I guess there are a few things I have been up to.

– I have been sewing like crazy.  I am in love with Mrs. Burns.  We have been hanging out a lot.  There are some great projects to show off and I am looking forward to letting you all know about them.

– Oh, and I went on a vacation.  BY MY-SELF.  Can you beleave that.  A mother of three and I leave my husband and kiddies to fend for themselves.  I went to go see a friend who had just had a baby. He is the cutest little man.  This amazing woman is a first time mom and you would think she has been doing it for years.  And can you believe that only 6 weeks after having her little man, she was right back at it…. auditioning and everything. I am so proud of her.

– And I’ve been just hanging out with my kids.  The weather is great so we have been in the back yard getting thing ready for spring and summer.  There are some cool projects happening out there as well.  I can’t wait to see how they turn out! One even involves glitter! 

– oh, and one more thing.  Mr.Chaos is having a birthday and the party that I am planning for him is so cool. (If I do say so myself)  I will be sure to show off some of the super manly party ideas.  Trust me, they are creative, what theme does a non-sports-guy-political-buff get excited about?  I will let him know, then I will let all you know.

So there you have it, somewhere in there is a preview to all the fun stuff I will get on here in May.

See you soon,



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