I realize that I have not been here and talking to you on a consistent basis. But I have a really good excuse…….

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I GOT A BERNINA  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is the ultimate quilting, sewing and …… wait for it……………..Embroidery machine.  It even connects to my computer!

I am super excited about this. And I have the very best husband in the world. He came home for lunch (as per usual, he only works about 8 min from the house so we see him at lunch every day) anyway, he came home and said that he had a surprise for me…. I thought, wow, I wonder if it’s chocolate or the Sillouette Cameo that I have mentioned about 100 times in the last 3 weeks…..

I NEVER expected this amazing machine.

When I saw the box, I said, okay, that’s just mean. If that is a Bernina box with anything other than a Bernina in it I am not sure if I will be happy. So I prepared myself…. and then there it was. My very own Bernina 440 Quilter Edition with Embroidery. I think it’s fair to say I went into shock. But let me tell you, when I saw the card of stitch options, that’s when I lost it.

So now, I have to learn to manage this beast! The most interesting thing about this all is that I only know 2 people who can fully appreciate and understand the importance of this machine…. my Mother-in-Law (Ma) and my Granny.

I look forward to making my children’s clothes and crafts on this machine…. it will be the same machine that I use to make their wedding dresses. It is that good.

I will name my new companion Mrs. Berns. She will help me in most every creative endeavour I dive into from this day forward.

I will be sure to post about the projects that we take on.

Thank you for enjoying my excitement with me.

5 thoughts on “GUESS WHAT!!!!!!

  1. Yeah, I could hear the scream all the way here, I think! Enjoy! You will never need another machine. I expect to hear of many projects completed.
    PS: Hope D still gets some supper once in a while – and I am not talking cereal! Ha ha ha


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