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Crayon Wall Art

One of the most recognizable brands from my childhood is Crayola.  Every Christmas I loved opening up a new pack of 64 and coloring in a new coloring book with an array of fresh sharp crayons.  I have to say I am still like that today. I love a new pack of crayons.

Random side note: I’ve heard that Crayola is a fmaily run company, and they never tell their children that they are the owners..  They only find out when they are older, as a way to avoid them bragging about it at school.

Anyway, this last weekend my girls and I attempted to create a little bit of art to hang in the play room.  I am currently planning a make over for that room, so getting the ‘art’ done now will help to more that project forward.

All we needed for this project was a canvas ($8 from the dollar store) new crayons ($3 from Wal-mart) , a glue gun and a blow dryer.  To start we chose colors from a new pack of crayons.  We wanted a rainbow look and we also wanted to avoid using dark colors.  While choosing the colors we talked about what colors made other colors and tried to place them accordingly.

After deciding on the colors and lining them up along the edge of the canvas, I hot glued them onto the top of the canvas.  Now for the fun part….

Make sure to cover the work space because melted crayon wax can really fly! We grabbed the blow dryer and went to work.  I think an embossing heat gun would work really well, but we only have a blow dryer.  It took a while to get the crayons to start melting.  We had to keep the heat on the wax so that it would run all the way down the canvas.

I think it turned out really cool.

For Christmas, me and my girls made one of these for my nieces who live on the other side of the country.  We chose the colors and glued them onto a canvas.  They did the melting.  That way we can say that we did the project together!

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