Colored Snow!

Have I ever mentioned how much

 I Love Snow!

One of the most exciting things to do in the snow is make a snowman

And even though he NEVER turns out the way I picture him, I still love the process.

 I always want him to have 3 perfectly round balls that are exactly 2/3rds the size of the previous one.  With a great eyes and a smile made of rocks and a carrot nose.  I have never found the perfect twigs for bendy arms with 3 twiggy fingers on each one…. if I ever find those twigs I will have to save them forever….  Oh right and 3 or 4 large buttons evenly spaced up the front of him. 

The snowman that we usually end up with is lopsided and has no arms or buttons (or even a mouth) because my helpers and I end up giving up on the process…. even though when we first walked outside the kids are asking to make a snowman for every member of our family including all the pets. 

In case you have lost count, that would be 5 snow people, 2 snow dogs and 3 snow cats, and I`m sure that if they thought of it, they would have mentioned the fish. 

But as a way to make our snowman a little more interesting is to color him…. and everything around him for that matter. 

Using an old pray bottle add liquid food coloring to warm water. 

Shake well and spray away.  This is so fun for the kids; they love the spray of their favourite color on pure white snow. 


Another really fun idea is to make a few different primary colors and let the kids discover how two colors make a new color.  It is also fun to see people slow down and try to figure out why your snow covered tree is a shade of blue! 

3 thoughts on “Colored Snow!

  1. So that’s what you guys were up to this morning 🙂 Nice!

    My favourite inspiration snowman was the one in the Michael Keaton movie, Jack Frost, but we don’t live in the right place to even come close to that one!


  2. Perfectly sculpted snowman, I love it! Great idea with the food coloring. Can’t wait for Brady to be able to do that… So that I can too;)


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