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Paper Balls

I have been known to appreciate a good cup of Starbucks coffee every now and then.  And there is something about their logo that I have come to appreciate.

Okay, so truth is, I love SB. 

Anyway.  Every year Mr. Chaos buys me a little ornament that they sell.  They are so cute.  I love using them for my tree or decorating the garland on my mantel. 

Yup every year on the first Tuesday of November I am super excited to hit the closest SB and enjoy my first cup of Christmas Blend Coffee of the season.  Its my official kick off to Christmas!

This year I found a way to bring together some of my favorite things, Coffee and Crafting!

Using Starbucks cups I made paper Christmas balls.  To make one ball you need 9 circles.  This is where the Martha Stewart Large Circle Cutter came in really handy.  And with a Micheals 50% off coupon plus another 15% off  it only cost about $14.

After taking each cup apart so that the wall of the cup lays flat I used the cutter to make circles.

One cup gives one large circle.  Hahahaha, I saved enough cups to make 2 balls.

Once there are nine circles cut out, lay them in a pile so that they are alternating facing up and facing down.  There should be two fronts together then two backs together.

You get it?

Then you have to sew a line down the center of the stack.  Yup, find a sharp needle and go for it.  You will have to help your machine along and make sure to go slow.  If you use thinner paper this will not be too difficult.  Thick waxed paper cups is a little harder.

Now glue all the backs together on top and all the front together on the bottom.  I used staples for mine but I did not like that they were so visible afterwards.  It is better to use hot glue and hold it together with a paperclip until it dries.

If you want to hang the ball you can leave the string from sewing longer on top or make a hole with a punch towards the top center and put a ribbon through.  I wanted mine to sit in the tree, not hang, so I did not add a string.

This is a great craft to use for old Christmas Cards. My children and I made one this year and left it for the lady who delivers the mail.  I thought it was an ironic kind of gift considering she has brought me the cards in the years before.

Well there you go, a paper ball. 

If you make one let me know how it turns out.  If you need someone to help you drink all the coffee for a Starbuck theme ball, I will be happy to help!!

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