Things for Free

Sometimes I mention that I got something for free and a friend usually says, “that doesn’t surprise me!”

I try to be as thrifty as possible but I also like to use all kinds of small appliances in my kitchen.  I am not one who needs to have the best of the best, but I do appreciate good quality. In order for me to satisfy thriftyness and quality sometimes I have to be a little creative.

A great way that I have discovered is with loyalty rewards.  I collect points from my grocery store and my credit cards. When I shop for groceries and pay with a credit card I am collecting two times the points!

With these points I have “purchased” over  $750 in small appliances for my kitchen.  My coffee maker was over $200 at the store, the immersion blender goes for $149.99.  That was a shocker to me, I didn’t realize it was so expensive.  Other appliances on that list are Krups Coffee Grinder, CuisinArt Ice Cream Maker,CuisinArt Griddle and Waffle Plates and a Toaster Oven.  The toaster oven came from a promotion that Demptser’s Bread offered a few years ago.  With 12 proofs-of-purchase they sent you a Hamilton Beach Toaster Oven.

Lets not forget about the many gift card that I have received.  Thus far I have ordered $750 in gift cards for stores such as Bath & Body Works, Winners, Pier 1, Shoppers Drug Mart, Best Buy and Canadian Tire.  These are really great way to take some of the pressure off of your Christmas Bill.  I used many of them to decorate our house when we first moved in.  And truth be told, I used a $100 gift card for Canadian Tire to purchase the paint that I used to do the Kitchen Table!

When my old computer died we were not in a financial position to run out and buy a new one.  I collected the points I had accumulated and ordered a Best Buy and a Visa gift card.  I was able to get the computer I wanted with little out-of-pocket expense.

Sure you say that it is not free to be a member of the rewards programs.  Each year for the MasterCard Rewards I pay $35 annually.  And the grocery store rewards program is free!     So all in all, I think it is a great deal.  I get what I want and my wallet doesn’t get beat up in the mean time.

Just an idea that I thought I would share with you.  Let me know if this is something you do.  Where do you earn your points from?

One thought on “Things for Free

  1. I totally do this. At one point, I had $850 in gift cards from my credit card rewards to restaurants, clothing stores and home stores. I mean why not? haha. I love the way you think. My other hobby is clipping coupons when the items are on sale. I’m not an extreme couponer but I haven’t paid for toothpaste in months. When Colgate goes on sale for 99 cents. I snag it with a 50 cent coupon that doubles and get it for free! By the time we’re through the tube, the sale rolls around again. Thanks for sharing.


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