Thoughts on Thursday

Some of you may know that I am currently potty training my cats.  I know that when you say that out loud you sound really crazy.  Kind of crazy-cat-lady crazy.  But think about this…. if you have a cat, I know you don’t love the litter.  So I get to have great little cats and no yucky litter.

There is a method to my madness.  It is called The Toilet Trained Cat and so far the system is working pretty good. 

At this point the kittens are using the toilet to go both #1 and #2.  In the first stages the kittens are using a disposable roasting pan that is placed inside the toilet (under the seat).  You have to use a flushable litter.

A small hole in the back of the pan helps them get used to the water.  Slowly, day by day the hole gets bigger untill it is a long hole along the back of the pan.  From there the hole gets larger by  moving it forward.

At this point there is a 2 inch hole in the back of the pan.  Both of the kittens are doing okay.  Cheezy, the orange one, is doing really well.  But I’m sure that cat would do about anything.  Icka, the little black one, is a little more timid and not to sure about it.  She is doing okay, but I think I will keep the hole where it is now for a while.

While in Kitty Potty Training mode our family has given up the upstairs bathroom.

IT IS A MESSThis is an action shot, he was really peeing!

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