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Wing Back Chair Makeover

I am so excited to show you this.  It is my first real re-upholstering job.

I think I may be addicted…. I already have another wing back chair coming.

Okay, this is what I started with.  A VERY sturdy chair, great shape but not so nice fabric.  The fabric was really faded, super dirty and a little damaged. I found the chair on Craigslist, and picked it up this summer.  I paid about $25 for it.  What a deal! I was so excited about the transformation possibilities.  I got my hands on a coupon for 50% off 5 meters of fabric from FabricLand and I went for it.  With a friends help, I chose fabric that would look great in my living room.

The question I get most often is “How do you have time for all your projects with 3 kids and 2 dogs?” Part of the answer is pictured here…. When I am working on a project there are always children or dogs or cats or everyone “helping” me.  For the things that are not child friendly… like using an air stapler… I wait until everyone is in bed and then I get to it. 


Taking apart the chair was a challenge.  It took a while for us (me and my incredibly patient husband) to get inside the chair.  Thankfully Mr. Chaos outsmarted the chair and we were able to take it apart.

I took it apart one piece at a time – removed the staples and separated the fabric from the chair structure.  After tracing the pieces onto the new fabric I re-stapled it onto the structure.  Some of the pieces were stitched together.  They needed to be unstitched, traced out and stitched back together. 

All together it took about 15 hours to compleat this project.  Unfortunately, while working on this chair I realized that I would not be able to keep it.  Trust me, I am not happy about this but the fabric I chose is NOT cat friendly.  Their claws catch the fabric and make it run.  So I have to part with this one.  It is for Sale!

But here it is, I think I will have a hard time saying good-bye!  Update: I decided to keep the chair! The cats have learned to leave it alone.

4 thoughts on “Wing Back Chair Makeover

  1. It is G O R G E O U S ! ! !
    I knew as soon as I read your title that I would have to have you reupholster mine. But this gave me some helpful clues to tackle it myself.

    I would charge nice $ if I were you… it’s worth it!

    One question- did you put in new padding or foam? And was there any piping to deal with?


    1. Thanks Branda. There was piping, but I chose not to replace it. I have done a few smaller jobs with piping and without the right foot for the sewing machine it is really hard to do. I used the original padding and foam. They were in really great shape. Another really cool idea is to put a thin layer of plastic between the fabric and the foam, thats what I did with this one. Let me know how your project goes and make sure to send me pictures…..Feature Friday!


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