Jacket Do-Over

This jacket was given to us in a bag of hand-me-down clothing.

My daughter fell in love with it. I was not impressed. The color looked all washed out and it looked so dated.

I hated it!

But she loved it, so what is a mother to do?

Rather than breaking her stylish diva heart, I made her a deal. If I put “softy” on it she could keep it

Kiddo Translation: Softy – minkie, her favorite fabric… really, I can bribe her to be good all day if I tell her we will go to the fabric store later and she can go see all the minkie fabric.  I Love that about her.Coat Callage

I knew that the shape of the coat was perfect, it was the color of the collar, cuffs and buttons that was bringing it down. There was also some hideous lace on the bottom of the red fake fur…. we had our work set out.
I opened it up and took out the collar and cuffs. The puffy stringy things got ousted because they are ugly. I used it as a pattern to trace out the new fabric and reused the lining of the old collar and cuffs.DSC_0002 e

While it was open I found a few embroidery patterns of white snowflakes and added some silver swirls.DSC_0005 e

Once it was all put back together I had my little diva model it for me.after Collage She is super happy to have a fancy winter coat.

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Super Cute Hoody Pattern

I found the cutest and super easy little hoodie to make for my kids.  Image You have to check it out here, at Heidi & Finn Modern wears for Kids.  It is called the Urban Unisex Hoodie. You can find the pattern at her Etsy Shop. It was really easy to download and cut out. 

If you are an experienced sewer, this hoodie will be so easy to make. 

If you are new to sewing this is a great project to start with. The instructions are really easy to follow and there are a ton of pictures. 

It is also a great way to use the many funky and cute buttons we have in the craft room. ImageThe girls are figure skating now and these will be great for on the ice. While they are skating, my son and I spend A LOT of time at the arena, warm hoodies are very important.  The great thing about the pattern is that it is for 6 months to 5T! 

ImageYou can also see some other versions of this hoody  Here.  Heidi over at Elegance & Elephants ( I Love the name of her Blog) has many of her own patterns as well.


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Reading Advent Calender

  Every year I grab a cute box of chocolates with little doors on them. The kids always look forward to getting the chocolate.

  Some of them would say a line or two from the bible, and that was about it. 

I mean, No offense, but Hello Kitty and Hot Wheels just does not scream Christmas is Coming, Our Savoir will be born. 

You know what I mean? 


All that to say, this year we did it a little different.  To start I went through our massive book stash and found all the Christmas books I could find.  Then I hit the book store and grabbed some more. 

I was able to find most of the books on sale, but there were a few I paid full price for.  It was worth it. Image

When I wrapped the books I sorted them into long, short, Truth and fiction.  The books that would be opened on a Sunday were wrapped in gold paper.  It just made them stand out a little more.

Then when I added the dates to them I made sure that the book would work for that day. 

For instance, Wednesdays are super busy in our house so I made sure that the book for that day was a short one.  I also printed off a list of Christmas Verses that we could look up and read from the Bible each day.  I found them here. Image  When I told the kiddos what we were going to do for this years Advent Calender the first question I got was “What about the Candy? Will we still get Candy?”  Goodness, I didn’t realize just how important the candy part was. Good thing I have a HUGE stash in the pantry for just this kind of “emergency”. 

So each day, while they eat their candy they would unwrap a book and find the verse in the bible.  We would read the book as a family and then read the text from the bible. ImageIt was great way to read many perspectives on the Christmas Story as well as hear the Truth from the bible.  The kids had many questions.  The plan worked!!!ImageWhen the Christmas season is over I will put the books away so that they will always be special.  I will keep my eye out for more Christmas books and make sure that the books are interesting for their ages.  

That is how we did it this year, how do you do Advent?  What are some tradition that you think about but have not got to do yet?

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