Chemical Free

Keep Healthy, Stay Strong

We are right in the beginning of the season where everyone is keeping their schedules nice and active… but the dreaded burn out is creeping in.

I want to encourage everyone to fight of fatigue and tiredness with the essentials.  Ensure that you are taking your vitamins and minerals, but most of all make sure that you are sippen’ back the NingXia Red.  For all of you wondering how you say it Ning-Cha Red. Your welcome!


Seriously packed with antioxidants and gives your body a boost to help your immune system rock this fall!

It is even on sale right now!! 10% off.  Head over to your virtual office and you will be glad you did.  If you have a Wholesale Account, you will be getting 34% off!!, if you don’t have a WholeSale account,  head over to to Become a Member,  and you will see other information on NingXia Red and many other great oily things!

until next time, Donna


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