Chemical Free

What? Thieves Cleaner? 

I remember when I moved into the house we are in now… I was so happy there was a laundry room with a cupboard that was high up so that I could store all those cleaners that I didn’t want my baby to get into.
I thought wow, I am such a great mom…. Keeping those cleaners away from my little ones.

That was until I used those very same cleaners were used on the very floors they were walking on, bathtub they were bathing in and toys they were playing with… And putting in there mouths.

So yeah, I was keeping in out of reach so they couldn’t drink it, but still slowly but constantly exposing them to those toxins.

Then one day I discovered THIEVES CLEANER.  thieves-cleaner

One cap of this concentrated amazingness in a spray bottle of water and you are a cleaning ninja!







You can even use it for those moments when you loose your freaken mind on those tiny little fruit flies that out smart you… fruitfly

Yeah, just spray them all like a  crazy person and BAM, everything smells awesome, the flies are gone and you are the Champion.

yeah, sometimes those little fruit flies make me loose my mind. 

But more to the point… The very best part of THIEVES CLEANER is that I give my kids a cloth and a spray bottle and off they go, cleaning the house…

If they get it on themselves, no problem

if they get it on the dog… no problem,

if they decide that they are going to shoot the fish, though this should be discouraged, no problem. (For the record, the fish is fine and the tank is a little cleaner and healthier than it was before, but I do not officially recommend it in the tank)
Okay?!! So if you area already a member of YOUNG LIVING you can get your Thieves Cleaner concentrate at a 24% discount, and if you are not…

Here, go here, and take your first steps to creating your toxic free home.  It’s not hard, and I am here for you.

Trust me, things are gonna be a whole lot better now!

and, did you know that Thieves has a whole family? thieves-familyand there are even more…


Laundry Soap, Dish Soap and Fruit & veg wash.  It just keeps getting better.

In Wellness,


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