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Network Marketing… you do it all the time… you just don’t always get paid for it.

There are many times when people are introduced to a product and then are totally turned off when they see that it is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company.

I used to feel the same way.

But after doing a little reading and research I realized that I have ALWAYS been a network marketer.

Do you talk about products you love?

Do you recommend movies or restaurants?

Do you get paid for it?

For example, the difference between Pepsi a Traditional Company and Amway an MLM is how they spent their advertising dollars…

These companies have HUGE advertising budgets.

Pepsi will pay for commercials, bill boards, movie placements, magazine ads… you have seen the advertising.  The put money out for the potential of sales and market share.

Amway turns that around… they advertise through people, with word of mouth.  When a customer purchases a product the person who introduced them gets paid.

Traditional Companies pay BEFORE a product is sold

MLM company pay AFTER the product is sold

There are many personal benefits to sharing a product this way:

  • You can get paid for telling someone about a product that you love
  • More money stays local – a larger portion of the money stays local. People who work with MLM’s are creating a great and supportive income while working at home.
  • MLM are held to a higher standard – MLM companies have hundreds of thousands of people who hold them to account, seriously,  they have the same amount of accountability as any other large corporation, but then they have all of there distributors who watch them like a hawk because our name is attached to the company

If you are looking for more information on this, check out this video for a quick and poignant explanation.

so there you have it,

let me know what you think!




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