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Becoming a Diamond

What does it mean to become a diamond?  Is this only a pursuit within Young Living? Climbing to the top the the Network Marketing Ladder? Or can this be something that we are looking for in all aspects of our life?

Hawk Nelson released a song about a year ago called “Diamonds”  The song is about being in over your head and feeling the pressure of life.  The mantra that I have repeated to myself when it feels like I should quite is:

Oh the joy of the Lord
It will be my strength
When the pressure is on
He’s making diamonds.

Diamonds are formed under tremendous, continuous pressure and extended stress deep within the earth.  But once they are formed they REFLECT light, they are attractive and they shine.

That is what a diamond is, one who has seen a vision for oneself, focuses on that vision, feels the pressure and sees that pressure as refining.  After the process they do not reflect the light from within them, but rather the light around them.

– think about this, a diamond realizes it is not about them self, it is about the people and the lives around them.

Dr. David Stewart, a Young Living Diamond and man of great wisdom explains this concept so well on his website.  Follow the link and take a read through what he has to say about Growing Into Diamond

If you have a desire to obtain a dream that is way bigger than you, you must read this.  Perhaps you are not even aware yet of the dream you have growing in your heart, still read through and see that you have the ability to become a diamond and reflect God’s light all around you.

-btw, a goal is a dream with a deadline!

I want to hear what you think after you read it through,

Keep in touch, Donna

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