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Chemical Free Home…What does that mean?

When I see Chemical Free Home, I think, yeah, lets clean this up… get rid of the crap…

but often, when I teach A Chemical Free Home Class someone says…

“But you can’t get rid of all them Chemicals”

I know! but when I say Toxin Free Home, people think,

‘oh, I don’t need that, my home is not toxic’

– au contraire my friend… Chem Free Home Class

those confusing names on the back of your products… if they are even listed, are indeed VERY TOXIC!

I will stick with the name Chemical Free Home, it gets attention… so here we go

I have a few classes in this series and teaching them is going to take me “clean” across the country, my first stop, Nova Scotia.

I am so excited to share how easy it is the have a Toxic Free home!

until next time, Donna

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