30 Days of Hustle

No more excuses, I have a goal, and I am going to reach it…

here is how

I joined this with Jon Acuffindex

and now I am hustlin’

Everyday Jon Acuff sends out a video, it has step by step about how to work towards a goal.

It takes the guess work out, and simplifies it down.

He is a like a goal Coach, he takes something complicated and makes it simple.

and he is so funny, serially, he is the only guy I have ever heard go from talking about goals to talking about llamas then back to goals. and it makes sense the whole time.

so if you have a goal that you cannot quite wrap your head around, this will help.

Oh, and my goal… well it’s huge, I want to make gold rank with Young Living by the end of this summer…index

so in order to reach my greater goal, i have to set smaller goals along the way. SO for my 30 days of hustle, I am creating online business builder class!

Thanks for hangin’ out, Donna


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